Celebrating the successes of our Paramaethu Connect project 2018

Last year our Wales team of volunteers ran a great project to bring resources, confidence and meeting places to their regional and national networks. With thanks to the £5000 grant from Big Lottery and £10000 from Postcode Local Trust we ran the Paramaethu Connect project:

  • The regional groups have organised and held 13 permaculture demonstration/open days across Wales at  organic farms, such as Tyddyn Teg box scheme in Snowdonia, community enterprises, like Ashfields in Powys & Bangor Forest Garden or low impact projects, such as Lammas in Pembrokeshire.
  • These have been a great stimulus for local new connections, and we have gained new enthusiastic volunteers and members from them. Ashfields in Powys organised the national gathering with workshops, Global Gardens in Cardiff organised an Introduction to Permaculture course, Lammas One Planet Development ran a review of the last 5 years at one home, and an afternoon ecological buildings talk. See photos.
  • We increased our member regional groups from 4 up to 9 - covering most of Wales with a local social network and periodic meeting places. This reached 400 people.
  • We ran a national sociocracy training at Denmark Farm. One of the first in an envisaged programme of sociocracy training for permaculture networks in Britain.
  • Regional groups designed and produced their own events kit for area open days, as well as other local events. The kits comprise of a pop up banner, organic table cloth, bunting with our name on and bilingual information leaflets. See photos.
  • We have supported volunteers and the disadvantaged to participate in several of the open days, including a trip for Global Gardens volunteers from Cardiff to projects in Pembrokeshire. Over 1000 people participated in open days!
  • We funded a Wales Coordinator for a year. We also developed the Paramaethu Cymru website for Wales regional groups, merging it with our main website so they work more efficiently together and adding tabs and functions requested by the regional groups.