Farm tree packs available

Coed Cadw are offering subsidised packs of trees ( at 1/3 of actual cost) which are UK sourced and grown and are designed to support small scale planting on agricultural land, which is not eligible for tree planting grants from the Welsh Government. For centuries, native trees and woods have provided a range of benefits to farmers and society, including; shelter and shade, wood fuel and timber, vital food, nectar and shelter for pollinators, management of high quality water supplies, regulation flood flows, habitat for wildlife and game and an attractive landscape for farm tourism.

Three types of pack are available:

Planting for Pollinators – containing 210 native predominately shrubby species ( 20-40cm in height) with canes and rabbit proof guards These can be planted to add diversity to an existing hedgerow (e.g. filling in gaps as part of hedgerow restoration) or to create a new hedge (planting a double row of five plants per metre will create 42m of new hedge) or  enhance existing woodland by creating shrubby habitats at the woodland edge or create valuable shelter for an orchard.

Native Tree Belt – containing 210 native trees and shrubs ( 20-40cm in height  ) with canes and rabbit proof guards. These can create a tree belt for shelter or enhance an existing old, draughty shelterbelt (planting at 2.5m spacing will create a tree belt 10m wide by 130m long) ( Upland and Lowland options)

Wood Pasture -  suitable where land is grazed by sheep only , these packs contain 20 approximately 1.2 m tall trees with robust sheep-proof guards and will give shade and shelter without loss of grazing . ( For those interested in creating an orchard, some or all of the trees can be substituted with heritage fruit trees at extra cost.) Upland and Lowland options.

If you would like to find out more information about the packs or about how trees can work for your holding or have any questions about woodland creation and what support is available to you, then please contact us at 0330 333 5303 or