Introducing our new coordinator

By Cara Wilson

Annwyl Paramaethu Cymru / Dear friends of the network,

My name is Cara Wilson and I am based in Pembrokeshire where I grew up and have worked for years in many different environmental and charitable roles, including Eco Centre Wales and the Environment Network Pembrokeshire. In the 1990s I worked abroad for several years in the head office of EYFA; a European youth environmental network of activists. The Permaculture Association reminds me a lot of those days with EYFA. The passion, positivism and commitment as well as a strong sense of camaraderie.

At home we are now on our second eco-renovation of an old cottage with some new build ‘Passiv Haus’ timberframe, and cultivate an acre of land for organic vegetables, orchard and bees, wildlife and shelter from the mountain winds.

It's a very exciting opportunity to be handed this role as the first paid coordinator for Paramaethu Cymru – the Wales branch of the Permaculture Association, and I am really looking forward to working with you all, speaking to lots of you, and I hope meeting up too. There is a team of volunteers in Wales [and the office team] who will help too.

There are so many powerful and positive movements happening in Wales - I see it all around me in Pembrokeshire: the Transition movement, Friends of the Earth, Groundworks, the Quakers and Greenspirit; food-waste projects; one-planet building projects and low-impact living (above and below the radar). And I know Wales has always fostered and attracted the creative and maverick amongst the population. Income and employment opportunities are not hot here – living in Wales demands another kind of initiative in the struggle for survival.

Linking up

The aim of my role is to try and help all the different groups and projects with such great inspiration to link up more, to learn and share with each other for the benefit of all.

Supporting Volunteers

There are several volunteers in the welsh network already – the wales working group, a web volunteer, an education volunteer and regional coordinators to cover most of Wales [get in touch if you don’t know yours]. If you have the passion and spare time to get more involved get in touch, there are several things we could do if there was more help, and its my job to support those volunteers and link them up with staff support at the Leeds office.

Using the web

The website is there for us to use to share and communicate with each other, I will be spending time developing and populating our webpages along with the volunteers and you.


Oh and did I say? My big list of actions is currently confined to one day a week, and some hours for travelling, so a big part of my role is to fundraise, and find out about useful funds that local groups could apply for too. There are so many good project ideas and things we want to achieve, it would be greatly helped with more funds. Get in touch if you have ideas or need arian to help!

Get in touch!

I met lots of you at Lammas at the Wales National Convergence in July, and by next year’s gathering I hope to have met or talked to many more of you. Now I want to hear from you – good ideas, questions, things you need, things you want to offer, contacts you looking for – let me know and I will see what we can do.

Contact Cara on [email protected].