Paramaethu Cymru Structure

At the Lammas gathering, we talked about the structure of Paramaethu Cymru - how do we connect with each other and make decisions? We now have a coordinator, Cara Wilson, but she is part-time and much of the work will still need to be done on a voluntary basis. We are looking at a structure therefore where working groups concentrate on particular tasks, such as setting up low cost PDC courses or a Welsh project similar to the English network LAND.

The diagram above shows a series of satellite groups which will research opportunities, ideas and expertise, and make proposals which will be fed into a central coordinating circle. This central circle comprises at least one representative from each satellite group and has a decision-making role. This might be supported by referenda of all Welsh members using Survey Monkey.

The diagram attempts to show that process, adapting the six satellites proposed at the 2015 Gathering, to take account of the network Coordinator role, the developing emergence of regional groupings and discussions since the last Gathering.

These groups welcome new members so please get in touch if you would like to join one, or if you have an idea for a new one. You can email Cara at [email protected]


PDF icon paramaethu structure 2.pdf