Last year our Wales team of volunteers ran a great project to bring resources, confidence and meeting places to their regional and national networks. With thanks to the £5000 grant from Big Lottery and £10000 from Postcode Local Trust we ran the Paramaethu Connect project. Here are our reflections on the successes of the project.
Tue 11 Jun 2019
Bridal wreath

An article by our friends The Woodland Farm in Pembrokeshire, who have kindly given support to Paramaethu Sir Benfro, their local group.

Thu 14 Mar 2019

For me, the first half of 2018 was spent prepar

Tue 12 Feb 2019
vols kitchen

Paramaethu Cymru's “Open Days Access Fund” has provided valuable support to a community garden project in the Neath Valley.

Tue 13 Nov 2018

News from the first meeting for a new permaculture network to serve Swansea and Neath.

Tue 30 Jan 2018
Open day meeting

Hyd at £500 i gefnogi prosiectau paramaethu yng Nghymru er mwyn iddynt fod yn hygyrch i'r cyhoedd

Byddai Paramaethu Cymru wrth eu bodd i'ch helpu i agor eich prosiect Paramaethu i'r cyhoedd.

Tue 30 Jan 2018
Open day meeting

Up to £500 supporting permaculture projects in Wales to be accessible to the public.

Paramaethu Cymru would love to help you open your Permaculture project to the public- to share what we know and care about, and what we are trying to achieve sustainably!

Thu 07 Dec 2017

Latest funding news on the Paramaethu Connect Project

Tue 05 Dec 2017
This was the first meeting about a new permaculture network for Swansea and Neath, organised through Permaculture Ambassadors Local Gathering funding. Peter Stopp (coordinator of the South Wales Paramaethu Cymru Network) had already been planning to set up a regional network. It had become increasingly difficult to manage a single network for such a large area so he brought more people on board to help, including Shaun and Nicola from Café Make in Pontardawe.
Tue 28 Nov 2017