A brief introduction to Netherton Farm, one of the newest Learners to join the ScotLAND Project. It is a smallholding owned and run by Chris Fletcher in rural Aberdeenshire.

Tue 03 Apr 2018

Tackling Social Inequality: Charity and Co-operation?

“We cannot force up the wages of labour, or force down the prices of provisions, without disorganising society” – Sir Charles Trevelyan, 1846
Irish potato famine

It’s a sad fact that this quote, from the Treasury official responsible for the Government response to starvation during the potato famine in both Ireland and Scotland, seems relevant again today.

Fri 16 Mar 2018

Our friends at Triodos Bank have launched a new current account and you can register today! You will get an eco-friendly contactless debit card and support a bank that is lending to organisations and businesses that deliver positive change for people and planet. Triodos share our vision for a brighter future and have supported the permaculture movement for many years.

Also, by choosing to bank with Triodos your money can support our work. Simply open a Triodos Current Account, and if you are a new Triodos customer, when your balance reaches £100 they’ll donate £40 to the Permaculture Association.

Find out more, including full terms and conditions here www.triodos.co.uk/permaculture/?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=redirect&u...

Tue 13 Mar 2018

The image of the decaying town shopping centre, retail units empty, to-let signs plastered across whitewashed windows, is fast becoming the norm across the UK.

So in the midst of this retail wasteland, lies fertile space for radical redesign and regeneration. Perfect territory for permacultural thinking. One such project, York Place, in Newcastle-Under-Lyme has sparked a revolution in our perception of ‘the shopping centre’ and is proving that they can, and should be, so much more than just places to buy stuff.

Wed 28 Feb 2018

News from the first meeting for a new permaculture network to serve Swansea and Neath.

Tue 30 Jan 2018
Open day meeting

Hyd at £500 i gefnogi prosiectau paramaethu yng Nghymru er mwyn iddynt fod yn hygyrch i'r cyhoedd

Byddai Paramaethu Cymru wrth eu bodd i'ch helpu i agor eich prosiect Paramaethu i'r cyhoedd.

Tue 30 Jan 2018

Congratulations, we have officially broken the back of winter and from here on in light and temperature levels will slowly start to improve. Certainly the light levels bit is guaranteed...This month we offer you some excellent advice from permaculture friend and no-dig guru, Charles Dowding. Topics discussed include: what you can sow now, advice on potting compost, and his zero fossil fuel hot-bed propagator system.

Tue 23 Jan 2018
Open day meeting

Up to £500 supporting permaculture projects in Wales to be accessible to the public.

Paramaethu Cymru would love to help you open your Permaculture project to the public- to share what we know and care about, and what we are trying to achieve sustainably!

Thu 07 Dec 2017

Christmas is a time of year for inward reflection and outward generosity. Merging as it does with the ancient celebration of oncoming winter and marking the darkest days of the year, we have the opportunity to think back on the year that has been, to learn lessons, to appreciate our successes and joys and to put the year, metaphorically and physically to bed.

It is also the time in which we often reunite dispersed and busy family and friends and enjoy — usually — each others company over good food and good times. And of course, it’s a time for giving.

Wed 06 Dec 2017