My name is Julie, I am currently travelling in Scotland, visiting different permaculture projects in various places. This is part of a research project on the interactions between principles, values, and concrete practices in permaculture.

I plan on visiting six or seven projects before the end of June, and to write a blog article on each of them, to tell you more about my experience, and to highlight some of my key findings and/or thoughts on different subjects. It is meant to be personal, and you may disagree with some of my opinions – I am looking forward to having feedback!

My first stop in this journey was at Graham Bell’s Red Shed – where better to start my research than by visiting the oldest intentional forest garden in the UK?

Tue 11 Apr 2017

In April I will be starting a new, exciting project for the Permaculture Association in Scotland, investigating the relationship between permaculture activists’ worldviews and practices, as well as their own journey into permaculture. I am therefore looking for people among the ScotLAND network interested in this project and who would like to be interviewed. It would be more than ideal for me if I could be hosted in some of the ScotLAND centres for a week or two, helping in the garden and doing interviews.

Tue 14 Mar 2017

In reality, if compared to ‘the average’ UK resident, our living conditions are pretty poor. We don’t have a flushing toilet. We don’t have hot running water. We don’t have constant electricity. When the hydro gets low, we have to resort to solar, which doesn't power everything so priorities have to be decided (do we power the freezer or the electric heater in our kids room?). And for the first 3 years we lived here, we had to carry water from a far away tap for all domestic purposes. I confess I do have a moan sometimes.

Fri 10 Feb 2017

Farmerama promote holistic ecological futures for the planet and believe that the farmers of the world will determine this.

Tue 31 Jan 2017

Tickets will be available on the door for this year's Permaculture Scotland gathering. There will be lots of talks, demonstrations and workshops focusing on positive solutions. There will be music, dancing, fire-gazing, and feasting for all

Sat 28 Jan 2017

The Orchard Project is recruiting for two part time Project Manager jobs in Glasgow and Edinburgh:

Wed 25 Jan 2017

North Glasgow Community food Initiative (NGCFI) is currently recruiting for Sessional Gardeners, to work with volunteers in Milton Community Garden and / or within our growing spaces in Royston and Hamiltonhill at the sessional rate of £14/ hour.

Wed 25 Jan 2017