Athrawon Paramaethu yng Nghymru / Permaculture Tutors in Wales

Dyma rhai athrawon paramaethu sy'n byw neu dysgu yng Nghymru. 

Here is information about some permaculture teachers that live or teach in Wales.

Jasmine Dale

Jasmine has over 10 years experience teaching and is happy to travel to contribute to permaculture and related courses and to mentor people through their people and land based projects . Her 'Permaculture Design Companion', recently published by Permanent Publications, is a great resource for teachers and anyone interested in applying permaculture design in their lives.

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I'm a faculty member of the Permaculture Women's Guild. We offer a series of free and low-cost online permaculture courses, including a 72-hour permaculture design certificate course, and advanced training in social systems design, featuring an expert faculty of 40 women from around the world.
The courses are open to anyone.
The certificated courses are accredited by the UK Permaculture Association.
Students on these courses have a mentor from the faculty. I offer students the option of bilingual or Welsh mentoring sessions, as well the option of submitting their design project bilingually or in Welsh.
Our website is here:
We also have a free online magazine here:

At my own place, near Bridgend, I offer bilingual and Welsh workshops in a variety of practical skills. My website is here:


Sue Laverack

'I live on the border of Carms, Ceredigion and Pembs and am a member of both the Carms and Pembs/Ceredigion groups.  I am retired and have 3 acres or so of garden. I did the part time 6 month Woodland skills course at Coppicewood College a few years ago and am doing the Permaculture Diploma at the moment and am learning Welsh. I am treasurer and regular volunteer at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust. I have a background in vocational teaching of adults and would be happy to teach on courses but have not got much time - admin is certainly not my strong point!

To get a better idea of what I am doing read my blog - - where I am doing some posts on Permaculture principles amongst the other stuff. I am particularly keen to show that it is not just about forest gardens and veggies.'


Dr  Paul Jennings, Dip Perm des

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Cathryn Wyatt

I'm currently teaching a workshop called 'Wild plants and edible landscapes' which is an introduction to permaculture design through a wild food walk and interaction with our Forest Garden. I've been building it up for about 5 years on and off, usually as part of other courses run at Lammas Ecovillage. I usually charge about £50 for 3 hours.

I'm hoping to do more teaching in the future, but I haven't yet completed my permaculture diploma.

I usually dip out of teaching over winter because the weather's so unpredictable! So I'll start again next spring.


Witchhazel Wildwood

I am continuing to work with diploma apprentices and run occasional Permaculture Introduction and PDC courses.

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