10 Day Food Forest course

Specialist - Forest gardening
Summary information

-Learn and eat from the existing food forests:
1. Chicken managed food forest
2. Guild and polyculture mixed food forest
3. Restoration Agriculture food forest (for sheep)
- Design and help to expand each of the above food forests
- Learn how to draw to scale drawings for design and planning
- Implement the design for a new food forest at Keela Yoga Farm
- Learn about the food soil web, how to make organic fertilisers and cultivate microbiology for the soil
- Discover how to properly research trees and their companions
- Learn how to design guilds and a food forest
- Plant trees and guilds in the food forest
- Propagate perennials to plant into next year's food forests (how to get free plants)
- Create beds for annuals in between the trees for planting to maximise the space in the food forests
- Learn how to design, select, buy and install irrigation systems
- Plan and perform earthworks for water catchment, swales and ponds with a tractor
- Learn how to graft trees trees
- Learn how to prune trees
- Learn how to make compost piles, organic fertilisers and how to cultivate fungi and bacteria for the soil
- Opportunity to learn some natural building techniques
- Workshops on fermenting and storing food
- Workshop on soap making
- Workshop on cooking, you (with the other students) will make one meal with 100% produce from the farm
- Daily Yoga Class

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EUR 400
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28 April 2020
8 May 2020
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