Compassionate communication/ Non-violent communication

Summary information

A practical and welcoming introduction to Compassionate Communication, based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-violent Communication model.

Trainer: Milly Carmichael

Format: Zoom online

Who is the programme for?

Anyone who would like to learn skills so that their relationships can be more effective, avoid challenges and cope with issues when they arise.

Compassionate communication skills can enhance your relationships:

with a partner
with children
with parents
with friends
with work colleagues/teams
with employees
with members of our community or voluntary groups

As we face challenges such as the climate and ecological crises, financial and cost-of living crises we need additional skills and tools to transition to a better world:.

Booking and further information
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Contact name: 
Sarah Spencer
Dates and times
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Five Monday evenings from October 10th to 7 November 2022 7-9pm.
10 October 2022
7 November 2022
Milly Carmichael
Venue information
Apprentice Teachers
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