An Introduction to Bushcraft

Summary information

Bushcraft is not just about survival, its about everyday life skills and the understanding of the natural world. From fire lighting and tool use to foraging, herbal medicine and cooking in nature.
So if you would like to spend more time outdoors, getting closer to nature, learning new skills and learning what plants you can eat, then Bushcraft is for you!

On our one day Bushcraft course you will learn all the basic skills needed to start your journey in Bushcraft and get more connected with nature.

What we plan to cover:
Shelters: You will learn to build various woodland shelters, from a debris A-frame shelter to a tarp shelter for a hammock or bivy bag. We will also show you various knots.

Tool Use: You will be learning how to use a knife, folding saw and axe safely and learning various knife grips. You will then be making wooden mallets and pegs, a pot hanger and learning to split wood safely.

Fire: Learn about fires, from safety and finding wood to fire lays and lighting a fire with a fire striker & flint and steel. Discover various natural tinders, how to find dry wood and have a go at lighting a fire using a tinder bundle.

Cooking: Make a pot hanger to cook some food over your own fire.

Ethnobotany: You will learn to ID a mix of trees and plants which you can use for fire lighting, herbal first aid or that you can eat.

Booking and further information
Telephone number: 
01570 493358
Contact address: 
Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, Betws Bledrws
£60 per person (includes lunch, campfire snacks and drinks)
Contact name: 
Mara Morris
Dates and times
More dates and times information: 
Course commences at 10.00 am and finishes at 5.00 pm
27 May 2022
Ryan Knight-Fox
Venue information
Betws Bledrws
SA48 8PB
United Kingdom

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