Introduction to Natural Building and Sustainable Design Course

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8 day Introduction to Natural Building
These course will be run by experienced teacher and natural builder Barbara Leite from the Mount of Oaks community with a maximum of 8 students.

The courses are designed as an introduction to natural building. Participants have the opportunity to learn and experiment with a variety of different building techniques which will then be used in a practical setting on real buildings.

There is a progression in the teaching and practical methods that allows participants to grow in confidence as the course continues. This course is designed with the 'non-professional' builder in mind and is aimed as an introduction course.

An introduction to natural building will be facilitated by Barbara Leite; a pioneer of the Mount of Oaks community since 2006 (another community local to us). She has over 12 years experience in Permaculture Design and Natural Building, with all the mistakes and successes that go with starting from scratch!

All courses will be held at the off-grid permaculture community Keela Yoga Farm, in Central Portugal. Course participants will have the opportunity to practice daily yoga, meditation and other related activities held on site. A day trip to visit some natural buildings at Mount of Oaks community is also included on the day off.

Come and learn about:

- Gravel Foundation, French drainage and stem wall with gravel bags
- Strawbale walls
- Adobe bricks and light earth slabs
- Wattle and daub walls
- Cob with glass bottles and cordwood
- Earth and lime plasters
- Lime-wash painting with natural pigments

Booking and further information
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500 EUR
Dates and times
6 July 2019 to 13 July 2019
6 August 2019 to 10 August 2019
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