An Introduction to Permaculture

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A two day Introduction to the principles of Permaculture Design. Suitable for anyone seeking to live and work more sustainably.

This course aims to give you the foundation tools of permaculture design so that you can create more sustainable ways of living and working. It will give you a good grounding in the core elements of a permaculture approach including the ethical framework that underpins it, the principles from nature that it draws on, and a design framework for applying them. You will be able to explore and consider the issues that matter to you in your life and work, and learn about practical examples of permaculture in a range of contexts. You will also consolidate your learning by undertaking a short, small group design exercise during which you will develop a permaculture design for a designated area.

By the end of the Introductory course you will be able to:

- Explain what permaculture is and how it draws upon and puts into practice insights from the field of ecology;
- Describe ways in which it can be applied, with reference to a range of examples;
- Identify ways in which you may be able to use permaculture design in your life
- Carry out a basic permaculture design using the tools provided.

Booking and further information
Telephone number: 
01570 493358
Telephone number: 
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Contact address: 
Betws Bledrws, Lampeter, SA48 8PB
Contact name: 
Mara Morris
Dates and times
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Course commences at 9.30am and finishes at 4.30pm each day
4 October 2022 to 5 October 2022
Dr Angie Polkey
Venue information
Betws Bledrws
SA48 8PB
United Kingdom
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