Introduction to Regenerative Agroforestry

Specialist - Forest gardening
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Special Course in the Amazon Rainforest! Participants will learn:
• The Philosophy of Regenerative Agroforestry
The history and principles of Regenerative agroforestry,
• Understanding some of natures principles to create more
quality and quantity of life through the driving force of
succession, unconditional love and cooperation
• How to implement and manage Regenerative
Agroforestry systems,
• How to choose where to implement these systems in our
• How to harmonize these systems with nature’s patterns
(sun, winds, topography, local flora, etc.),
• How to choose appropriate plant consortiums to each stage of succession and soil conditions,
• How to choose and plan the production of main cash crops and start considering to do value added produce.
Hands-on Implementation of Regenerative Agroforestry System -mulching,soil preparation,pruning,design process

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620 Peruvian Soles
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13 April 2022
17 April 2022
Chaikuni Institute Team
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Chaikuni Institute
LOR Iquitos
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