Danyadara - Educator Profile


Jacob has gained experience in many climates and contexts and continues to train both in the field and in the classroom. He is driven by a passion for regenerative agriculture, which he is now implementing at Danyadara, as the Farm Manager. Most recently Jacob took a course in syntropic agriculture, some of the principles of which he weaves into his work at Danyadara.

Before arriving at Danyadara Jacob was travelling around South America working on farms for extended periods. Including:
- Fazenda Pura Vida, Bahia, Brazil - A cacao farm where the cacao is harvested and processed into chocolate.
- Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza - An organic shade grown coffee farm where the highest ethical standards are adhered.
- Rancho Mastatal - Costa Rica
- Many different bioconstruction projects throughout Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica.

Qualifications and skills

Permaculture Design Certificate - Panya Project Thailand - Nov 2013
Permaculture Design Certificate - PRI AUS - March 2015
Syntropic Farming - Mutirão Agroforestal, Sao Paulo 2015
6 Month sustainability internship - Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica
Regrarians Farm Planning'Rex' 10 - Morocco - August 2016
Syntropic Farming with Ernst Gotsch - October 2017

Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 

I am passionate about whole systems. I love integrating trees, animals and crops in symphony.
Ultimately land regeneration while being highly productive is what i'm interested in.

Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 

Jacob has been working as Farm Manager at Danyadara since June 2016. Danyadara is a 20Hectare (50Acre) property located in Andalusia, Spain. At Danyadara we grow seasonal vegetables which go straight to the retreat centre kitchen, we have extensive olive groves which we harvest for table olives and olive oil. Animal systems including chickens for eggs and alpacas for wool and grazing/fertility management. He has been implementing agroforestry systems having planted over 5000 saplings since arriving.
Jacob has a strong understanding of the Mediterranean ecology.

Teaching Information
Offering teaching in the following geographical areas: 
Danyadara, Andalusia, Spain
I teach at weekends.
I teach in the evenings.
I can accommodate families.
I can accommodate partners.
I can accommodate students.

Please contact me for details.