FlintShare CSA Ltd

FlintShare is a community run social enterprise which aims to produce fresh, local sustainable food with and for its members. We are an eclectic and diverse group of people who all want to be more involved with where our food comes from. We like to help grow it, to teach our families about it and generally enjoy working and celebrating as a community. We also understand that growing food is quite a risky business and it’s not really fair for a producer to take all that risk on so we share that, too.

All our growing methods are carried out with due respect to our environment; we always prefer to use on site resources rather than buy them if we can. Everyone is welcome to join us no matter what their knowledge, ability, age, gender or cultural background. We just ask that you join in!

All our FlintShare sites (in Flintshire, North east Wales) are committed to working with our natural surroundings and resources. We buy/transport in to the sites as little as possible and take only our edibles from them.

Our Cilcain site experiments with regenerating methods such as encouraging crops to self seed where we want them. This is labour saving (and possibly lazy!) but does reassure us that plants are happy where they land.

We have bee hives, orchards and many wildflowers. We strive to improve biodiversity on all our sites and husband our soils for the long term.

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