Woodminster Sanctuary

A sanctuary for wildlife, including the wild animal we call man.
image of yarrow in field of wild grasses and trees

Approx two acres of scrubland, previously used for sheep, to be made into a sanctuary for wildlife including humans; planted with trees, shrubs and wild flowers to encourage a wide range of botanical specimens.
This barely qualifies as permaculture in the usual sense of the term, although we do hope to produce some crops of fruit and vegetables when this proves compatible with general sanctuary aims.
We don't know what we are doing in any technical sense; we are generally useless at agriculture but very keen on soil improvement.  We adore trees and believe they are the most highly evolved beings on Earth, and that they provide mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health benefits to just about everything/one.  This we hope will be our main crop: sanctuary.
Plans include the creation of at least one large pond and possibly a water course.  We will also be importing large amounts of vegetative material that can rot down and produce some modest changes of landscape as well as soil enrichment.

How to arrange a visit: 
It is unlikely that visits will be available before 2024, but if your interest is keen please email [email protected] and we'll consider the possibilities.
Sustainable transport options: 
RAIL: Llandecwyn station is 400 yards from the entrance. BUS: approx 100 yards from entrance. PUBLIC FOOTPATH: along two sides of the actual field.
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