Roman Eisenkölbl - Main Profile

Roman Eisenkoelbl:
A semi-nomadic Tree Planter, Soil Builder and Seed Disperser has been studying and living in Permaculture Projects, Ecovillages and Alternative Communities for the over 10 years which brought him to a diverse range of Projects, Countries, Climates, Cultures and People all over the planet.

He has lived, worked and learned in places like East Africa, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, the Caribbean Islands, South and Central America, Germany, Portugal and Spain.
He has been part of 20 PDC Courses (organization & co-Facilitation) and several short courses .He has learned from some of the Pioneers and Experts of Permaculture including David Holmgren, Darren Doherty, Rosemary Morrow, Robyn Francis,Jude Hobbs, Sepp Holzer Jairo Restrepo, Martin Crowford, Larry Korn, Alex Kruger, Bernard Declercq (Pebble Garden,Auroville), Rico Zook and Govinda Sharma.The last few years his focus has been on developing Regenerative Agroecosystems in different climates and has learned directly from Syntropic Agroforestry Pioneer and Founder Ernst Goetsch and his long term students like Namaste Messerschmidt, Felipe Amato and Gabriel Menezes. He received a over 100hour training in Dynamic Agroforestry Systems in Boliva from the Ecotop Team Joachim Milz and Walter Yana. He was also part of a Analog Forestry Training at Belipola the Pioneering Analong Forestry Site in Sri Lanka with the Founder of Analog Forestry Dr Ranil Senanayake.
He is the founder of the Soil-Sun-Soul Project and Blog.
For 3 and a half years he has been living, working and learning in the Ecovillage in Auroville, India and visiting, advising and volunteering at countless other projects in South East Asia. He spent 6 months doing a Practical internship program at the Permaculture Research Institute Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast, Australia, where he deepened his experience and studies in the field guided by PRI Teacher Tom Kendall. Recently he has been deeply involved with organizing together with an international Team the Pre IPC India Permaculture Teacher Training and PDC in India with a total of over 100 participating students from over 30 countries and organizer 2 Natural Farming courses and 2 tours with Pioneer Larry Korn in India and Thailand which greatly furthered his international experience and connections.
Currently he is based half of the year in Spain to start a regenerative Enterprise at Can Lliure a 100ha Living and Learning Centre for Regenerative Landmanagement Practices and half of the year he spends in Asia supporting different projects and facilitating courses. Recently he also became Farm Manager of the Centre for Regenerative Agroecosystems & Dynamic Agroforestry on Palawan Island in the Phillipines. His aim is in the process of project management and course facilitation learn more about eco-social life systems design and integrated , regenerative Agroecosystems whilst still supporting various projects in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Phillipines and Nepal by co-facilitating and sharing his experience on a grassroots farmer to farmer basis.