Keelayogafarm - Main Profile

Keela Permaculture Farm is an off grid farm with their own electricity and water. Keela likes to demonstrate that you don't have to be uncomfortable to live off grid. This is an active farm that aims to feed it's students from the land, in addition the farm is active in food forests, agroforestry and reforestation,
Being on the farm for any one of the courses gives you experience in learning how to live off grid, how they grow food, integrate animals on the farm and how to build houses sustainably. Yoga and meditation classes are also availible on site.

The specific educators of our courses include:

Laurence Manchee: Co-Founder of Keela Yoga Farm, teaches permaculture courses and internships. Students get to learn through practical work on all aspects of a farm and homestead. He is also experienced in natural building and includes NB workshops on all courses.
Kimberly Manchee: Co-founder and Lead yoga teacher on the farm, also teaches homesteading such as processing exess food for storage, natural cosmetics and food fermentations.

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