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Danyadara is a non-profit organization (G11936929), composed largely of volunteers, focusing on reversing desertification through knowledgeable application of sustainable farming systems. By cultivating an abundant food forest on our grounds, we will demonstrate how to generate healthy soil and provide a cost-effective model for local farmers to employ in order to reinvest in their farms.
Danyadara’s mission is to reverse desertification in Andalusia by recreating the forest-agriculture mosaics necessary to promote soil health and species diversity with projects aimed at preventing bare ground, improving water stewardship, increasing carbon sequestration and educating about regenerative agriculture methods.

We operate in a region suffering from the same illness as 1/3 of the world: desertification. Desertification, the process by which land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture, is the fate of around 25% of the Earth’s once-fertile land. This loss of viable soil, along with other economic stressors, leads many farmers to abandon their land. Through our projects, we create models for repairing desertification and offer viable solutions this natural disaster mushrooming across Iberia at an alarming speed.

Andalusian farms represent both an important cultural and economic history. Today, the decrease in working farms means less food product and availability, as well as, poor water quality, causing additional suffering for the more than 40% of the local population that is unemployed in Andalusia. Danyadara will demonstrate how working with nature and the return to personal interaction with the land is the way forward.

The name Danyadara is a simplification of two sanskrit words, Dhanya and Dhara.. together they mean Blessed Earth which fits perfectly with us.

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