Croeso i dudalennau Paramaethu Cymru 

Rhwydwaith strategol y Gymdeithas Paramaethu yng Nghymru

Mae'r safle hon ar gyfer unrhywun sydd â diddordeb mewn dylunio dyfodol cynaliadwy i Gymru a thu hwnt. bachgen gyda model o dirlun

Fframwaith ar gyfer byw yn gynaliadwy yw Paramaethu lle mae pobl yn dilyn egwyddorion moesol, deall sut mae natur yn gweithio ac yn dylunio ar gyfer sefyllfaoedd gwahanol, gan gynnwys gerddi, ffermydd, sefydliadau, tai a threfi.

Tanysgrifiwch i gael newyddion ar e-bost

Welcome to the pages of Permaculture Wales

The Permaculture Association's strategic network in Wales

This site is for anyone who is interested in designing sustainable futures in Wales and further afield.


Permaculture is an approach to sustainable living which combines an ethical framework, an understanding of how nature works, and a design approach to different settings, including gardens, farms, organizations, houses and towns.

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Latest News

One Planet Development is a forward thinking and radical planning policy, unique to Wales, that enables people to live and work sustainably on their own land.
Here Stefan Cartwright - co-founder of the One Planet Council gives an introduction to the policy.

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Post date: Fri 22 Sep 2017

As the Assembly holds a consultation on 'Rethinking food in Wales' Jane Powell asks what Paramaethu has to offer. Permaculture design goes beyond the novel land uses for which ii is best known, and draws on traditional wisdom and historical experiences of social change to propose new approaches to modern challenges. 

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Post date: Thu 17 Aug 2017

In our second article on rooting permaculture in Welsh culture, Sue Laverack reflects on diversity, language and tradition. Sue worked as a counsellor for many years before moving to a smallholding in southwest Wales, where she is learning Welsh.

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Post date: Thu 03 Aug 2017

It’s a principle of permaculture design that the boundary between contrasting ecosystems, such as an estuary or a woodland edge, is particularly diverse and productive.The recent Paramaethu Cymru gathering produced some exciting new insights and directions by bringing together some of the different communities in Wales.

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Post date: Fri 07 Jul 2017