Plant Taxonomy

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Study plant taxonomy. This essential course will help you to recognise a greater number of plants and know when and how to use them. It will also increase your knowledge of plant families. The course will help you to understand the advantages of accurate plant identification; but also appreciate the limitations, and occasional contradictions in plant naming.
Taxonomy is the scientific system of naming and classifying living things. Plant taxonomy helps us identify and name plants correctly, but it can also be applied in many useful ways. It helps with appropriate plant selection for landscaping, it helps us to identify weeds, and it helps us to spot rare plants in the wild. It can also be used to identify new hybrids and varieties of plants and note subtle changes in plant morphology in response to changing environmental conditions.
Identifying plants from the same family or genus also helps to reveal clues about typical growth characteristics, likely flower and seed types, preferred growing conditions, and possible chemical constituents. Plant identification is therefore useful in all avenues of horticulture as well as related fields like environmental sciences, ecology, agriculture, and floristry.

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