Dragons Cooperative and Sector39

A full mutual cooperative business inspired and informed by the principles of co-operation and guided by the ethics and principles of permaculture. Home of Sector39 teaching cooperative, which runs Permaculture Designs Courses. Visit the cafe, shop and gallery any time.

Dragons is a full mutual cooperative business based in Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant in Mid Wales, inspired and informed by the principles of co-operation and guided by the ethics and principles of permaculture. We offer:

  • Shop and gallery space
  • Coffee Bar selling Gumatindo Coffee from Uganda, grown in Mount Elgon
  • Tenant managed housing
  • Sector39, a teaching cooperative also based in Llanrhaeadr-Ym-Mochnant 

We are on Market Street (High Street) on the junction of Waterfall Road, right in the heart of a busy village, with a shop and gallery/ workshop space next to our small house in the centre of a thriving Welsh community.

Dragons Co-operative aims to play an active role in transition in the Mid Wales area. We don’t claim to have easy answers but we are keen to be part of the local transition process.  We see significant potential in helping develop more local food growing, community orchards,  transport sharing via car clubs or investment in local housing and energy schemes via credit unions and other locally controlled financial institutions.

The emerging sustainable economy will create lots of new opportunities, and communities will also have the chance to shape how that unfolds and to define priorities. Local currency schemes, asset sharing and much more can be achieved within the remit of finding low carbon, more local and sustainable responses to the emerging climate, resource and financial crisis that envelopes us.

Dragons co-operative will use permaculture design ethics, principles and process to work towards these ends, whilst operating within the principles of co-operation. We are open, inclusive and democratic and committed to working towards a sustainable future by empowering people to take more control over their own lives.

We are also the home of Sector 39, an association of designers, gardeners, teachers, artisans and project crew working for a sustainable future. We run courses, build gardens and work with community projects and more, in Mid Wales and all over the UK. We act as a platform to develop and deliver courses and training. We are currently working with schools, colleges, projects, new businesses, craft makers and artisans.  

Lead teacher Steve Jones has more than 25 years of hands-on experience implementing and project-managing land-based initiatives such as community gardens, small farms and sustainable housing cooperatives underpin Steve’s expertise. Steve has worked  as a member of the Get-Growing team in Newtown, Powys, which supports the development of community food growing projects, and as a consultant to the Squash Nutrition urban food growing project in Liverpool.

Steve is a certified business studies and economics teacher and has a degree in sustainable development, which bring depth and professionalism to his teaching approach, he writes several blogs and is an avid networker and communicator on the subjects of sustainability, transition and co-operatives. With his colleagues at Sector39, Steve delivers up to six on-site permaculture design certificate courses per year alongside numerous shorter courses, including on low impact structures, introduction to permaculture and forest gardening.

Steve has also played a key role in the Growing Schools forest garden projects in the South East and the award winning RISC Roof Garden project in Reading. He was a founding member of Chickenshack housing co-op in West Wales, has worked at the Centre for Alternative Technology in mid Wales and was green advisor on Channel 4’s ‘Changing Lives – Going Green’ series in 2009. Prior to that Steve ran a series of projects in Central Africa in grass-roots permaculture farming, micro-business development, sustainable agriculture, and housing and worker co-ops. Steve is currently working in coordination with the Plunkett Foundation to support the development of community enterprises.

Contact Name: 
Steve Jones
Telephone number: 
01691 780180
Dragons Coop
Haulfre Market Street
Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant SY10 0JN
United Kingdom
Phone: 01691 780180