Sol Laug Havens C.I.C

Award winning community Farm
Sol Haven Yurt at night

Sol Haven is an eco-sustainable permaculture farm with an education and rejuvenation centre that provides individuals with a safe working environment to learn, grow and blossom to their full potential.
Our aim is to connect homeless and vulnerable adults together with Nature, providing a world of nourishment and rejuvenation through improving peoples' mental and physical wellbeing.
Offering steps up so others can help themselves, grow, evolve and believe in themselves, providing training on rural skills, growing, cooking and budgeting, enabling people to gain confidence and social skills.
Our values for the organisation are:
1. Earth care: Intrinsic Value of Life - regenerate ruined/dying landscapes. Allow healthy ecosystems to thrive. The objective of our project is to bring healing while connecting with Mother Earth using the best of natural resources and reusing waste to reduce impact on the environment.
2. People Care: Intrinsic Value of Humanity, work to meet people’s needs: food, shelter, education, joy. All Our growing space is designed with a people first approach
3. Fair share: Share our resources, collaborate with others to create best impact on earth and people.
Our vision is to create a blueprint for sustainable permaculture care hubs across the UK that provide education and wellbeing centres for the community while providing a sustainable local source of food.
Our project is helping improve the connection people experience in the local community.
Many people have commented on how it has given them inspiration and increased energy
where they can rediscover and connect with themselves and other people.

How to arrange a visit: 
Contact us if you would like to visit via email
Sustainable transport options: 
Northampton Train station , no 10 bus to moulton
sammuel Yisrael
New manor farm Harvey lane, Mo
United Kingdom
Type of project: 
Charity / Social Enterprise