Michael Wardle - Main Profile

I began my permaculture journey 25 years ago when he first picked up a copy of Permaculture One and the Introduction to Permaculture. Michael is the Adult Education Coordinator at the Farm.

I am a father of 4, has worked in schools and the community and is a permaculture educator, designer and consultant for Savour Soil Permaculture. He is also working with his local council in building a forest garden on public land.

I have applied the ethics and principles of permaculture to his personal life and is now enjoying the wonderful opportunities of being able to apply them in my workplace and community.

I enjoy learning about the many different facets of permaculture and design. Through my learning, I have also come to love teaching.

I completed his PDC with Milkwood, Northey Street City Farm and Oline with Max Powers, my Permaculture Teacher Training with Rosemary Morrow and Nick Ritar. Dynamic groups Dynamic learning with Robin Clayfield, I have also completed the Advanced Permaculture Principle workshop with David Holmgren and the Advanced Permaculture Design with Dan Palmer, Edible Forest Garden Design Intensive with Dave Jacke and the REXonline with Darren Doherty

I hope to be as inspirational and effective as his teachers.

I continue to run workshops, designs and consults through my own business - Savour Soil Permaculture as well as through Northey Street City Farm where I am the Adult Education Coordinator and continue my learning journey to advance my knowledge and to increase the value I provide in my teaching, projects and consultations.